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  • The Jenzabar Foundation’s Executive Forum Series on Student Success

    As part of our commitment to empowering students and helping them succeed, The Jenzabar Foundation has been organizing a series of regional Executive Forums on Student Success, discussing the many facets of student success with the goal of better understanding and serving our students. Over the past year, we have held these Innovations Forums in [...]

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  • Exciting Updates from 2013 Grant Recipient Nourish International

    With 60 chapters on campuses all across America, Nourish International is quickly expanding and growing, and has been reaching great heights since receiving the Jenzabar Foundation’s 2013 Student Leadership Award. We are excited to share with you the Nourish students’ tremendous progress in their work in social enterprise, responsible development, and leadership to create lasting [...]

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  • The Jenzabar Foundation Presents: The 2014 Student Leadership Award Honorees!

    As long-time supporters of Millennium Campus Network, The Jenzabar Foundation has always firmly believed in MCN’s mission to empower students to become the next generation of global leaders. A national non-profit committed to maximizing the impact of student leaders and groups working towards global development, MCN helps student organizations build partnerships and strengthen their individual [...]

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